That's SO Post-Apocalyptic...

That’s So Post-Apocalyptic…


My favorite book in school was, without a doubt, 1984 by George Orwell. I read the entire Hunger Games series in about a week. I LOVE The Walking Dead, Revolution, Last Man on Earth, Mad Max, and I just recently started You, Me & The Apocalypse-which I highly recommend. I think it goes without saying that I, like the rest of America, have a very healthy obsession with anything post-apocalyptic. This fascination has inspired everything from popular movies & TV shows to fashion trends (see Kanye’s Seasons 1 through 3) to architecture; and of course, the reason I am here: interior design & home décor. What I’m trying to say is- BRUTALISM is in!

You may know, you may not know. Either way, here’s what it is: Brutalism was a style of architecture & design in the 1950’s and stayed popular through the 60’s and 70’s. This style of building and decor started with low cost housing and government buildings, which were constructed mainly with raw and unrefined materials.  After WWII, professionals were trying to create a sense of strength & stability through their designs while highlighting the imperfection of these materials. You might say it’s kind of like after a… well, apocalypse. Guess what guys, it’s coming back! 

Typical midcentury furniture and modern industrial designs have been popular for a while now; I think it’ll soon be time for them to retire for a bit. That’s where brutalism comes in.  Now as far as interior design is concerned, I’m thinking it might take a while to really come back & replace the most popular trends but by the end of this year/beginning of next year I am predicting that it will be huge! Between now and then look out for the trickling-in of brutalist pieces & accents in home décor.

When using brutalism as inspiration in your space, keep these keywords in mind: raw, strong, post-apocalyptic (of course), somber, rough & mechanical. The most popular materials used are concrete (this is a big one), steel, glass, bronze and iron. Look for pieces with hard edges, jagged shapes and rough surfaces. The most popular way to apply this look in the 21st century would be with statement pieces like lighting and wall structures but don’t shy away from using small bursts of brutalism in accent pieces. If you want to ease your way into this trend, start with a cast concrete end table or a small blocky cabinet made of a strong, raw wood. To make this brawny & masculine design more current, try adding pops of color or a feminine chandelier.

There is no wrong way to go about this, especially now. As I’ve said in previous posts, go big and design however you feel! 

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