Wall Trends

Wall Trends

by Kaiti Furo

Want to know my favorite design trend of this year? CRAZY WALLS! And by crazy I mean do whatever you feel. There are no rules with this trend and that is exactly why I love it. Mixing materials & styles is SUPER hot in 2016 and that includes your walls. Here are some of this year’s new designs and how to incorporate that into painting or wallpapering your space…

·      The 80’s- I have to admit that this is one decade of style I try to stay away from but when I saw 2016’s way of approaching this design (especially with your walls) I just thought it was fabulous. It's all about Memphis-style pieces, geometric motifs & silhouettes and clashing bright colors. Paint every wall in your room a different color! Chose a geometric patterned wallpaper with bright colors or print your own design!  Channel your inner Saved By the Bell! My only stipulation with this application is to use it more in ‘fun’ rooms- kids bedrooms, family rooms, playrooms, bars, basements. I would probably stay away from painting your formal dining room royal blue & fire engine red.

·      Brazilian Modern- I probably just made up the name for this trend, but I think its fitting. This hot new trend includes beautiful sculpture forms, raw materials & exotic woods. Oh! And don’t forget about the green! When bringing this to your walls- I say raw wood panels & palm leaf wallpapers would really make a great statement!

·      Metals, Metals & More Metals- Mix them all! The most popular metals this year are warm metals like rose gold & copper but its all about mixing them(even the silvers)! Choose wallpapers with metallic sheens & patterns. If you’re looking to customize this look, harvey & DOT offers metallic wallpapers so you can print whatever image you would like on it!

·      Pastels- This year’s Pantone colors of the year (yes, there are 2 this year) are serenity & rose quartz. Think baby shower- light blue and light pink. Add those colors with other pastels in either wallpaper or paint colors, or both! Again, don’t forget to mix different colors or patterns.

As you can see, its all about mixing- mixing different patterns, mixing different colors, mixing different materials. Use metal, wood, concrete, fabric- any material works this year for your walls. Use geometric patterns or a mural of a leafy scene. Use pastel paints or bright & saturated primary colors. When approaching your walls this year just remember this: there are no rules!