What's Trending in Interior Design this Spring? YOU.

What’s Trending in Interior Design this Spring? YOU.

By Barbara DeGraw

Over the years we have all watched Interior Design trends come in and go out. The 70’s mod has a very distinct look that is different from the mid century 50’s that is really different from the turn of the century Victorian.

So what is trending now? Industrial. Mid Century. Rustic. Rustic Luxe. Steam Punk. Brutalist. Scandinavian. Mod. Acrylic. White Shag anything. Tropical. Urban. Huge Wall Art. Minimalist art for your walls. White Walls. Bold Walls. 80’s inspired walls. Rose quartz & Serenity Walls. Teeny Tiny Houses. Big huge mansions. Lavish Kitchens. Barely there Kitchens. Green & Sustainable kitchens. One-Color Palette Kitchens. Two-Toned Cabinets Kitchens. Outdoor fabrics brought inside. Indoor furniture brought outside. Extra large tiles. Small mosaic tiles. Formal Dining Rooms. Informal Islands that double as tables with stools. Tech Free Living Rooms. High Tech Kitchens. Upcycle. Recycle. Reclaimed. Mixed Metals. Mixed Materials. Mixed design Styles. Mixed Rustic with Luxury. Mixed Modern with Traditional. Mixed Rock n Roll with Everything. Mixed Anything…

Do you see where I am going here? For the first time in along time, if ever, Everything is In! When I tell you the only reason this list stopped is because I stopped making it. It could go on and on. As a homeowner, designer or retailer trying to buy for the current Interior Design Trends, this can come with confusion. And Freedom. Yes, this year’s Interior Design Trends are about YOU. 

With the popularity of the media industry and internet growing over the last 30 years, we are being flooded with images from all over the globe. There are more options to watch TV and other media channels, and yet sometimes it feels like nothing is on. When I have that feeling, I automatically turn on HGTV or DIY. These channels did not exist that long ago. Over the years they have empowered me to make my own design choices and fueled my passion for home and furniture design. I regularly browse the aisles of Home Depot and Restoration Hardware to make choices for my own home. In the past, I thought I had to stick to one design palette, the one that matched my house style. I now live in a 100 year old house and for the first time I feel free to make the design choices that suit me, not the current trend or the style of the house I live in. 

A few years ago, I received a beautiful gift, a limited edition print, of Dr. Suess’ Cuttlefish. Everyone thought I was crazy when I framed it in a huge glossy black frame and hung it over the fireplace in my dining room. “Not formal enough” I heard. But I LOVED IT. And it inspired the re-design of my dining room. And now everyone loves it and gets it.

Mixxxing design styles can be confusing and tricky. Mostly pick what you love and make it work. There is enough inspiring images out there to get you started. Interior Designers are hip to this new trend, hiring one will help you pull it all together. 

So this Spring, Cheers! The design trend is all about YOU. Good luck and have fun!