Before & After

Before & After

by Kaiti Furo

Last night, we hosted a presentation with interior designer, Heather McManus. She showed everyone before & after pictures of different homes, rooms & spaces she has designed while giving everyone tips & tricks on how to achieve these looks. One of her philosophies (which we at harvey & DOT completely agree with) is that your home, where you live & spend most of your time, affects your mood and the way you feel on a daily basis. Knowing this, why not make your home make you feel good? Heather was here to show us how a small change in your space can make a BIG difference- this she made apparent with her slideshow.  A change in paint color for your kitchen, adding a patterned wallpaper in your bathroom, a refined window treatment in your living room, a lamp change- all of these small maneuvers can really affect the aesthetic of your home.  Here’s what we learned from her:

·      When picking out a paint color, always remember this: we shop up close and live at a distance. Instead of using the small paint chips and samples, opt to pick up the larger ones (postcard size or bigger).  Tape the large swatch on your wall and take a bunch of steps back- look at it from afar and then compare. 

·      When you can’t decide on a paint color, stick with a neutral- go with either a beige or gray, and yes, it is ok to mix the two! Grays are a little more contemporary and popular right now but beiges are classic! Here are some popular paint colors by name: Bleeker Beige, Lexington Park (tan), Tyler Taupe, Gray Owl,  etc.

·      When decorating your entire home, the key is to decorate so EVERYTHING can work EVERYWHERE.  If you want to move that armchair from your den to your living room for the time being, you want it to go.  Now I don’t mean match every room exactly. Matchy-matchy is so not my thing, but furniture should be able to fit in any space in your home without looking like an alien piece.

·      Mixing patterns is something most people struggle with- I know I do, but guess what, now we have a recipe! Woo Hoo! For scales- every pattern should be a different scale. Lets say you are decorating your living room and trying to decide on a fabric for a sofa, armchair & pillows. If you decide on a small-scaled pattern (i.e. tiny flowers or small polka dots) for your sofa, the arm chair should be medium-scaled and the pillows should be large-scaled. Or visa-versa. As far as colors go, pick patterns with multiple different colors but one color should be consistent throughout the different patterns you are mixing.

·      The finishing touch- always leave room in your budget for trinkets and accessories. When lamps, decorative pillows, art, small sculptures & statues, etc. are left out of your home décor, it doesn’t look as complete as it could. So remember to save a small amount of money for those finishing touches.

These are just a few tips & tricks to help your when designing your space but the key to it all is to go with things you like. You have to live in it so make sure you love it. Design however you feel!