How to Use the DeGrezzo™ Print

How to Use the DeGrezzo™ Print 

by Kaiti Furo 

Now that we’ve informed you all on what the DeGrezzo™ print is, I’m here to tell you how you can use it! From using it as art on your walls, DeGrezzo™ printing your actual wall to integrating it into your furniture design- the DeGrezzo™ print gives you ENDLESS options for your interior design projects and home décor. With the DeGrezzo™ printing method, you can ultimately get whatever image you want on any flat surface with as much of that raw surface coming through as you’d like. This includes (but not limited to) all different kinds of woods, metals, tiles, glass, fabrics, acrylics and mirror! Here are my favorite ways to use some of these materials in different ways:

Woods: With this new method of printing on wood, you can really do anything, for example: wall art and furniture. At harvey & DOT, we printed about 10 different images on different pieces of wood and hung them on our walls just like you would a framed picture. The result is amazing! Through the DeGrezzo™ process we were able to have the raw grain of the birch pop through in different aspects of the image to really give it an antiqued and unique look. The giant rose is my absolute favorite! Another great use of wood & this process is in furniture- especially table tops! You can make your own table by printing on a large piece of wood- something like chestnut or oak might look nice- and attaching 4 legs to it. Another option would be to go out and buy a table and bring us the tabletop that we can also print directly on!

Metals: This one is a fun one because there are so many different kinds of metals, like SO many! Metals are another great material to use for wall art. We’ve experimented with different sheet metals including galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, brass, zinc and titanium. Each of these metals has different textures and colors in them so choosing the right image for the metal is muy importante. Printed sheet metal also makes for a great counter top or bar top too!

Tiles: Think about all the places you use tile in your home. Now imagine that tile with perfect image on it- how cool! With DeGrezzo printing technologies, we have the ability to print a different image on each individual tile or just one large image over the span of a bunch of tiles. The options with this one are endless- kitchen counters, backsplashes, bathroom floors, even an outdoor tabletop! My favorite project we worked on at harvey & DOT was a kitchen backsplash we did for a client. She had a specific image of a local mill and wanted printed tiles for above her stove. When everything was finished and installed, everyone was in awe!


Glass: DeGrezzo™ prints on glass are really something you need to see in person to appreciate the beauty. There are many different applications for this one from shower doors to tabletops to just a simple image hung in a window. The shower door idea is cool because what better way to customize your bathrooms then to have your favorite tropical flower printed on your shower door? Your house will really stand out! Another great project we worked on was this old midcentury round end table that we found. It was a dark wood with a clear glass inserted top. And it was old looking. All we did was sand down the wood a little bit and coated it in a wax and then printed the glass insert with the constellations and it really transformed the piece! Another cool idea for glass is super simple- DeGrezzo™ print a typical sunset-over-the-ocean picture with some of the raw glass popping through and put it in a stand in your window. The sun shining through the glass gives it an indescribable look! 


The DeGrezzo™ print really gives you endless customization options for your home! The great thing about it is there is no wrong way to do it and no wrong way to decorate your home. With the innovative new method, DeGrezzo™ really gives you the ability to design however you feel!