What is The DeGrezzo™ Print?

What is The DeGrezzo™ Print? 

by Kaiti Furo

After spending over 20 years in the commercial printing industry followed by 10 years in the Fine Art Photography industry, Barbara DeGraw spent the last few years combining the skills and processes of both. The commercial end- a new printing technology that electrically charges the image onto raw materials such as metals, glass, acrylic. The photography end- Barbara skillfully manipulates images to make the fine art prints spectacular. Barbara’s idea: combine these two and it could be a whole new art form! 

After a few years of experimenting with different materials and painstakingly developing the right method of image prep, material prep, printing and finishing, The DeGrezzo™ print was born. “It was a huge learning curve to figure out what would work and make the image & the right material a stunning piece of art,” Barbara states. “Imagine a photograph of Al Capone’s prison cell printed on copper? You just can’t stop looking at it.” 

The sustainability of the finished print lasts as long as the material does. Although there is prep and finishing done to each material, the Copper print will eventually start to patina. These prints can be used outdoors, but when the material degrades the print will naturally go with it. But indoors, it will last well over 100 years. A rose printed on Galvanized Steel will last almost forever.

Artists, Designers and Photographers are having fun figuring out what materials they want to use and which of their images will work best. Barbara guides them in what might work, “I automatically see what the image will look best on and how to prep. It happens in a second in my head. I do my best to guide the artists without interfering with the creative process.”

Barbara DeGraw owns harvey & DOT in Westwood, NJ. harvey & DOT hosts a gallery, which artists & photographers can showcase their new forms of art. A recent show by photographer, Dick Stanton, showcased 28 pieces of his photography on every material from copper to glass to plexi. The show was stunning and the response was overwhelming in feedback and sales. 

If a photographer or artist wants to see their work in the next level of medium, The DeGrezzo™ Print delivers that, in the most stunning and dramatic way. This is way beyond the canvas or giclee print.   Although harvey & DOT still does a huge amount of giclee and canvases for their clients, The DeGrezzo™ Print is quickly becoming the new choice.