Documentary Family Photo Sessions with Shannon Mulligan Photography

Documentary Family Photo Sessions with Shannon Mulligan Photography

Written & Photographs by Shannon Mulligan Photography

Documentary Family Photos may be asking yourself what that is. To me, it's story telling. It's capturing your family in their everyday lives, doing everyday things. These images don't have to be a picture perfect where everyone is dressed the part and everyone has on their fake smiles. Let these images be of you playing a game of tag, baking your favorite cupcakes, or reading your favorite book with your children. When you are interacting with your children, the true genuine emotions come out, and those are the memories you want to document. How often is everyone dressed in their Sunday best, sitting on a bench at a park? Not very often I bet. How often are you running around the house looking for that lost shoe, or making pancakes in the kitchen with messy hair while your little one is tugging on your shirt? I bet pretty often! That is your life. That is your special time with your family. Those are the memories that should be captured. 

My name is Shannon and I am the owner of Shannon Mulligan Photography, located in Northern New Jersey. I LOVE capturing moments. I LOVE documenting stories. I LOVE creating memories. 

When I first started SMP (2013), I was shooting newborns, child, and families, but in a very staged way. I recently went to a workshop up in Rhode Island and fell in love with the documentary type of photography. It's crazy, but that is what I grew up with. We never got posed images taken. We never all dressed the same and smiled a big cheesy grin for the camera.  All my images from long ago did not have perfect lighting, but you know what, those are the images I love the most. Those are the ones that make me smile, and evoke feelings. I have boxes upon boxes upon albums of images that were captured as me as a child. Flipping through these images is one of my favorite things to do. I am an old soul....I think I always have been. I love heirloom pieces. I love antiques. I don't like shiny new things! I want something that tells a story, and has a history. And these are the types of images I want to create for you and your family. Anyone can pose a family on a beach, all wearing matching outfits. Everyone cannot capture the feeling of joy, sadness, or real life told through a series of images that make up a story. 

You are probably wondering why I am telling you all this. I want you to get to know me a bit more. I wanted to share my story with you so hopefully you will share yours with me. Documentary/Lifestyle photography is not all that common, but I am hoping to make more people aware of this type of photography. It is a true art form. 

And speaking of art - what do you do with your images once you receive those digital files? I am hoping your answer will be your print them, create albums, create wall galleries with them. Please do not let them sit on a USB or on your computer. Those images deserve to be hung around your home and shared with friends and family. Be proud of your family and your life you've created. Harvey and Dot would LOVE to help get those images up on your walls. Your life story is meant to be told, so let us help you tell it.