About Us

At harvey & DOT we combine art, technology and materials to create a custom home experience. Printing is our specialty- any image on any material!  From Giclée prints to DeGrezzo™ prints, we do it all!  In our store we offer made-to-order furniture, prints and accessories as well as curated furniture and featured artwork. We also offer services from our in-house team including graphic designers, interior designers and photographers. Our concept uses homeprintart and design as the four key elements in creating a unique home decorating experience. Browse our home section to find that great piece of furniture you've been looking for. Look through our print section to see the endless print possibilities we can do for you, from giclées to DeGrezzos™. Explore our art section to learn more about our featured artists and work you can choose from. Finally, look through our design section to meet our team and discover the perfect service for your project. With the variety we offer at harvey & DOT, you can transform any room into your own uniquely designed space!

Meet Us

barbara DEGRAW
CEO & Creative Director. 




This story starts when a man from New York meets a woman from West Virginia. The daring engineer travels back and forth between his home and the wild, wonderful state of West Virginia to work. There he falls in love and wins over the preacher’s daughter's heart and they start a beautiful family in the country side. harvey & DOT was named to honor his sense of adventure, her sense of playfulness and what they have created together. Their passion, creativity and innovation has inspired us to be what we are today. Here’s to Harvey and Dot!